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Our Lineage/History
Our company was incorporated back in 1993 by Mr. Ramdas D. Hinge, a reputed gentleman in field of Topiary. He and Prof. Arvind R. Hinge have successfully led our company to success in the past years. Their business handling skills and vast knowledge of the sector has led to our popularity in the domain. They promote the importance of research and creativity at our premise, encourage our team members to produce refreshing designs of Swan Topiary, Caring Car Topiary and more. 

What Is Topiary? 
Topiary is a unique art of pruning and shaping a huge variety of plants in refreshing designs as per the liking of masses. It requires creative talent and immense experience to shape the plants perfectly. When the beautiful designs as well as natural beauty of nature is mixed together it gives birth to art that leaves every one in awe. That is exactly what we create regularly for our clients.

Our Creative Designs
The Topiary collection of Caring Car Topiary, Swan Topiary, etc., which we are offering is majorly available in designs such as:
  • Animals: Elephants, Deer, Rabbits, Giraffes, etc. 
  • Birds: Flamingos, Butterflies, Peacocks, etc.
  • Vehicles: Bicycle, Car, etc. 
  • Logos: GP Farms, and many other manufactured on individual requests 
  • Musical Instrument: Tabala, Guitar, Harmoniums, etc. 

Further, we offer our range in shape of geometric figures, heart and earth. We are planning to offer many of our products in the shape of sports accessories in the future.

GP Farm Topiary Infrastructure Unit 
Our company is backed by the support of a top class infrastructure unit, which is strategically located in close proximity of major highway and railways station. The facility is furnished with necessary resources that support our creative endeavors on a daily basis.  

Our Team 
Our company is supported by a talented team of educated professors, skilled architects, engineers, passionate administrative staff members and more. They dedicate their loyalty to our company as well as clients in order to accomplish group goals. 

Business Policy of GP Farm
We follow strict transparent business policy at our enterprise. Our company maintains tremendous transparency with clients at all times. We aim to gain the complete trust of clients and only trust those who maintain a necessary level of transparency with them. This is the reason, we do not hide any major business related information from them. This transparency also helps us in protecting our clients from any malpractices. 

Expertise, Experience and Resources 
Our company has 27 years of experience in the field of work, this experience has honed our skills over years and today we take great pride in our expertise. Our company has the constant support of a talented team of professors, engineers and more, they are provided with the best resources at all times.

Our company focuses on the quality of our beautiful creations. Any aesthetically pleasing art can please a person on first glance but if its beauty fades easily, is it really worthy? This is the reason, we constantly make use of quality materials and tools to create our perfections. We inspect the Topiary designs after completing the pruning and shaping activities in order to confirm that clients are delivered with best at all times. 

Our range enhances the beauty of many government gardens, institution, society parks, offices, landscaping sites, hotels and much more. Nurserymen as well as plant wholesalers appreciate our range immensely. Our unique style attracts new customers from different areas everyday. 

Special Effects & Impact of Topiary 
The Topiary adds a special effect to the space, it makes nature look extra beautiful. Not just this, Topiary has a positive impact on the environment as it is made using plants majorly, it reduces waste which will occur if one uses plastic artifacts. Natural beauty has its own unique touch, which cannot be achieved with plastic. This is the reason, many places are starting to rely on our offerings rather than non environment friendly decorations.